Residence or Shared flat

Shared flat

  1. It’s usually the first year. You do not know Madrid, the area is very important and almost certainly they will force you to a one-year contract.
  2. In addition to the rental price of the house or room you must take into account the costs of electricity, water, gas, internet as well as your maintenance (meals, drinks).

  3. When you have a problem with the roommates, there will be, you must face yourself and solve them. Usually some uncomfortable quarrels will remain.

  4. Distances in Madrid are larger than in small cities. If you also have to buy, cook, iron, clean and wash … These tasks will take much time from your studies or you will end up eating a lot of junk food.

  5. If you feel bad or convalescent, your roommates will do what they can but will not leave the studies to take care of you. You will find yourself alone.

  6. There is no discipline, your colleagues will go up to the people they want, without schedules or rules.

  7. There is no security

  8. There is no restricted schedule


  1. Residencial Berenguela is in the center of Madrid, in an excellent area and you can hire the 10 months of course without paying July and August. We will store your items if you leave and return in September.

  2. The price is all-inclusive (full board, cleaning, laundry). There will be no surprises.

  3. If you have a problem with your colleagues or services, the staff and management will solve it discreetly and efficiently, without any type of quarrel.

  4. You just have to study, we take care of the rest.

  5.  We will pay attention to you, we will attend you, we will call the doctor, and if necessary we will accompany you to an Emergency Center. We will keep your family informed so they only move if necessary.

  6. Here a minimum of standards of respect and study environment are met.

  7. Nine video surveillance cameras throughout the residence and entrance with fingerprint.

  8. There is no restricted schedule.